About Dad

It's hard for me to try to describe dad, because he was just the dad that I knew, and not a person that is easily put into words for me.  He was intelligent and observational.  He would make a point of getting my mind working by dropping a seemingly innocuous sentence that would ultimately lead to several days of thought.  Often those days of thought would end up changing me for my lifetime.  I can't say that he didn't enjoy his leisure time, but when he stepped up and it was time to work, he got things done.  He taught me how to analyze a problem in order to figure out the solution when the answer wasn't readily available.  Admittedly, he was stubborn to a fault.  That came with some bad, but I'm rather certain it was also a key to his accomplishments.  In spite of his humble beginnings, and never having graduated from high school, he set off on his own and retired as chief.  As that model of accomplishment is an inspiration for the foundation, I have provided some history of dad's accomplishments as a firefighter, and a person that overcame.  

Dad was hired by the Scottsbluff, Nebraska fire department on October 5, 1966.

Dad with the fire department in 1968 posing wearing the old gear that was being replaced. 

Awarded certificate for completing course work in Municipal Fire Administration in March of 1971

Dad was promoted to Lieutenant somewhere around October of 1969 and elected as officer of Local 1454 of the International Association of Firefighters.  I'm not certain of the exact date of promotion, but newspaper story for the IAF indicates he was a LT when elected as officer and the story is dated Dec 13, 1969.

The good days, and the rough days!

The key is perseverance.  Through it all, dad kept learning and attending formal training.  I have a stack of certificates of completion that I haven't posted.  He submitted to examination for fire captain and was promoted on August 6th, 1973.

He never stopped running.  

On Sept 7th, 1982 he submitted for examination to serve as Fire Chief.  This letter is special to me because he indicates that he never graduated from high school, but he kept working and was dedicated to his profession.

In spite of the typo.  In spite of all the odds stacked up against him.  He overcame and succeeded.

On December 27th of 1982 he became Fire Chief of Scottsbluff Nebraska.  He even got a letter from a Senator.  

Even a story in the paper!  

Dad retired from the fire department on December 31st 1988.

He often worked a number of jobs in his retirement when the family needed the income.  We lost dad on August 31st 2015.  His funeral had a firefighters honor guard and he was buried at sea in the Pacific Ocean.

I hope you've enjoyed the small history and will consider helping me keep his memory alive by supporting the foundation.  Through the foundation I hope the experiences and dad's story will inspire students to accomplish more than they ever thought they could.   

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